You And Your Mental Health

You And Your Mental Health

You And Your Mental Health

You And Your Mental Health

Mental health refers to our well-being, emotional health, and psychological. It is all about the way we feel, the way we think, how we react or handle situations.


Emotions are feelings experienced and expressed without judgment or attachment which tend to flow fluidly without impact on our health. 


While expressed emotions especially fearful or negative ones can zap mental energy, negatively affect the body, and lead to health problems.


  • Emotions are the product of changes in the affective system brought about by sensory information stimulation. Positive emotions have the potential to enhance creative thinking, while negative emotions reduce thinking and have the potential to disrupt the performance of simple tasks.

Depressed people may feel anxious, depressed, unable to concentrate or make decisions, angry, and angry. Chronic stress increases the chances of depression and anxiety for other people.

Working for your emotional health is as important as caring for your thoughts, feelings, and experiences that affect how you feel about yourself.


 Factors Affecting Mental Stability.


  • Self-esteem: The value we place on ourselves, our positive self-image, and our sense of self-worth is a great psychological factor with a huge impact on our mental and general well-being. A lot of people out there have low self-worth and not being able to seek counsel and share their feelings has left them mentally unstable and depressed


  • Feeling loved: Children who feel loved, trusted, and accepted by others are always happier and they perform better in their school compared to their counterparts who are not cared for at all because they would always have poor grades at school.


  • Family breakup or loss: persons especially children whose parents are separated face a lot of psychological, emotional, and mental struggles. Or an important early loss of a loved one/parent, people in this category finds it difficult to adjust because they are sad and heartbroken thereby giving less care and attention to their health and general wellbeing.


  • Difficult Behavior: Parents who have children with difficult behaviors can be thrown into such a worried state that they forget to take care of their health and little by little their psychological state of health begins to worsen leading to depression.

Your Mental Health

  • Prolonged Physical Ill Health: Persons suffering from terminal diseases can be very disturbed so much that they lose hope and conclude that there is no reason to continue living. People in this category are mostly depressed thereby making them mentally unstable. Some of these people end up committing suicide.


  • Physical/Sexual Abuse: Youths and adolescents that have suffered one form of abuse or the other either from family relations or from trusted people around them suffer a lot of trauma have a lot of psychological issues one of which is depression. These people find it really difficult to adjust and have their normal lives back. Abused youths and adolescents don’t perform as expected in their studies because they are mentally unstable.


  • Job loss/lack of livelihood: The sudden loss of a job can throw one into depression especially when there is no hope of getting another. In a case where an individual’s income is used to run a home often, the stress alone coupled with a sudden loss of a job can cause one to go bizarre.


  • Aging/Later life: When old age begins to set in, in the life of a person, he/she starts to lose the strength and ability to move and do things on their own, they become dependent on others. At this stage, old people start to experience age-related illnesses, depression, and worry sets in thereby making them mentally unstable.


  • Victims of natural disaster: Persons in this category find it difficult to adjust because of the damage and loss of properties especially shelter. They are thrown into depression and trauma as the hope of getting their normal lives has become a fairy tale. As a result, giving proper care to health is not given any consideration.


  • Loss of Affluence: Someone who was living wealthy all of a sudden loses wealth and has become one who is literally begging can not be happy. That emotional pain alone can make one lose his/her sanity.

Mental Health

How Do You Improve Your Mental Stability?


  • Value yourself: Yes that’s right! When you treat yourself with kindness and respect and avoid self-criticism you’d observe that you’d be mentally okay.


  • Take care of your body: Eat healthily, exercise well, sleep at appropriate times, and avoiding self-medication is a good way to stay mentally healthy.


  • Surround yourself with good people: The people you surround yourself with matter a lot too, How? When people around you are good, they encourage you, even when they criticize you; they do that with love and care. Avoid people that do not care for you to ensure your mental stability.


  • Learn to deal with stress: That’s right! Learn to tackle your stress. Ensure your balance your daily activities to avoid overstressing your body. For instance, you should have a specific time that you pause and take a nap. In the evening, you take a short walk; it’s a good way to relieve stress.


  • Set realistic goals: Ensure to set achievable goals. If you have a long term goal, break it down into months, weeks, and days. Doing so will help you achieve your goal at the same time avoiding mental stress.


  • Seek counsel: In a situation where one suffered a loss of a beloved one or a victim of a disaster, it’s advisable to seek counsel on how best to cope and adjust. Seeking counsel and psychological help does not mean that you’re powerless but instead, it’s a good way to find solutions, and returning to normal life will be easier.



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