What exactly the difference between Parabolic and Anaerobic.

Parabolic and Anaerobic

The difference between Parabolic and Anaerobic exercise

Parabolic and Anaerobic are simply narrate below:


Parabolic is an adjective means express by or been a parable, it can also means a form or relating to a curve form by the intersection of a cone and a plane parallel to the element of angle.

The truth distinct meaning of the word parabolic comes from the late latin and the new latin .

The language used by an author in the 3rd to 6th centuries was Late Latin, because the word parabola is also called parabola and the parable is parabolic.

In the new latin the word parabola mean the same geometric curve as it does in English.

Meaning of parabola was drown from the both Greek word for comparisons parabole`. Which means parabolic also refers to a shape of parabola, while refer to parable.

Parabolic cannot do without these two things.

  • Curve
  • shape

While in exercise parabolic means by which a body been curve when doing some exercise that means it can refers to parabolic exercise.



What is anaerobic?

  • The first one here said, is simply means the occurring and the active or existing in the absence of free air (Oxygen).
  • The second one said, in simply means the absence of oxygen in an organism.


Anaerobic exercise in simply means perform at a maximum rate for a short or little time which deals with a high or higher intensity.

Which means is an activity that breaks down glucose from a body for energy without using oxygen to do it.

That is why it takes short period of time with high intensity with a lot of energy been released and oxygen needed as surpasses the oxygen supply.

In any exercise movement must occurred or required.

Examples of anaerobic exercise are listed below:

  • Weights lifting
  • Body weight for resistance
  • Jumping
  • Sprinting
  • Skip rope
  • Biking.

The real benefit of doing Anaerobic exercise are listed below:

Parabolic and Anaerobic


  1. strengthens bones

Strength of bones means it we enable the entire joint in the body to work perfectly without feeling pains.


Parabolic and Anaerobic


  1. builds muscle

it really help to build muscle to any length you want it to reach, by doing anaerobic exercise daily we really improve your muscle and reshape your body.




  1. burns fat

this exercise burn out fat quickly if you devote yourself to it by doing it 3 – 4 times a week within one week some fat quick we drop out from your body.



  1. Stamina

Anaerobic exercises really improve body stamina for daily activities like (hiking, dancing, and some other thing doing daily).

Anaerobic exercise it’s not typically recommended for fitness beginners, why? It can cause injury to their body when they attempt the one higher than what they can do. It is preferable to stick to the smaller part first and then increase when necessary.

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