Tips for Hair Growth and Length Retention

Tips for Hair Growth and Length Retention

The Tips for Hair Growth and Length Retention

There are many different steps to take in order to regrow hair and add length, so it is very important to know these tips for hair growth and length retention. If you are interested in these methods then you should be able to find them both at your local vitamin store or better yet, purchase some of the various products on the market that promise these benefits.


However, before you can make an effective decision you must first understand a little bit about the process of hair growth itself and you can use it with aphogee hair care products.

Clean your scalp

Hair growth occurs when the living cells – or “probiotics” as they are sometimes called- are replaced by the cells which do not belong to the human body. This is normal because once the scalp has been infected with a bacteria or virus, there is a process called inflammation which causes the dying of some of the hair follicles. When this happens, new growth will not occur and the hair will start to fall out.

Different types of cells

This new growth is made up of different types of cells known as “neutrophils”. Neutrophils are needed for a healthy immune system so understanding how they affect the body and how they can help in growing healthy hair is crucial to this area of hair regrowth. Neutrophils are the main cells that are responsible for fighting infection and getting rid of foreign particles from the body including those which might cause infection to the hair.

Volume of your hair

The growth phase is very brief. It can last from one to two days, which is a long time in hair growth terms. During this time the dead cells are replaced by new ones which create more of a density in the hair. The new cells, which are created, are also more dense, which also leads to the increased volume of the hair. After the growth phase comes the resting phase.

Retention of your hair

One of the biggest factors that affect the way the hair grows is diet. Many people do not realize that what they eat can greatly affect the way their hair grows. This applies to both men and women, although the reason for the difference is different for men. Some studies have proven that men who consume diets rich in protein have better retention of hair and have longer growth periods.

Vitamins in the products

Foods that contain high levels of amino acids and zinc are beneficial for the growth of the hair. These foods include lean meats, fish and chicken, and nuts, which are high in magnesium, selenium, and zinc. The vitamins, which are important for hair growth are A, B, and C which are also present in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain significant amounts of these nutrients.


Protein, on the other hand, is very good for promoting growth because it provides the building blocks of proteins which are needed for the hair to grow. Meat is also essential for the protein to protein shakes are a great source of this nutrient. However, do note that you should not over-serve protein in your diet. Too much protein can have the opposite effect and can cause your hair to become thinner. There are also some minerals found in fruits and vegetables which are great nutrients for the hair as well.


Taking high-quality multivitamins daily is another of the tips for hair growth and length retention which will prove helpful to you. Some vitamins even provide added benefits of preventing hair loss. One such mineral is biotin, which helps improve the strength of hair as well as promote healthy hair growth. Biotin can be found in brewer’s yeast, liver, cauliflower, salmon, egg yolks, and mushrooms.


Natural herbs are also proven to have anti-aging and anti-dandruff properties which can also help prevent the loss of hair. For example, Aloe Vera is effective at reducing dryness and itchiness which make one’s hairless itchy. Horsetail and nettle are also rich in antioxidants which can help improve the overall condition of the hair. These herbs can be taken in different forms like teas or poultices. They can also be used to massage techniques for an enhanced effect.

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