plank workout


Plank workout is simply a productive body-weight workout that requires no equipment other than a pair of cavers and your mat.

Which can be performed anywhere; mean just find a suitable and nice place for yourself.

There are several questions you are thinking of or able to ask yourself about plank exercise, which is listed below

  • What is the plank workout?
  • Do plank burn belly fat?
  • What is the real advantage of a plank workout?
  • How long should I do plank workout before seeing results?
  • Which plank workout position is the most effective?
  • What is the average time for a plank exercise?
  • What is the plank position good for?
  • How to do a plank workout?

Which in this article you will know the answer to those questions, now let get into it one by one.

plank workout

What is the plank workout?

Plank workout simply means the best exercise for a strong abdomen because it involves the rectus abdominis (mean the six-pack muscle), the horizontal abdominal muscles (your deep ABS muscles), the internal and external arches (mean your sides), the back and the hips which are also part of your core too.

Plank exercise we really help improve your core strength and stability of your whole body to be in a good state.

That is why plank exercise is the most helpful workout for you to do and get rid of belly fat and reduce weight.

How? Because plank required a little time out of your daily time which will give you a better chance to achieve a good and wanted result.


Do plank burn belly fat

Yes, plank does really burn out belly fat, how? Because plank is among the best calories burning with a lot of benefits to gain when you really focus on it by doing it on a regular daily basis.

The more you focus by do it, the more fat you burn that is why you have to focus on it and achieve your aim.


What is the real advantage of a plank workout?

There are several benefits of doing plank workout which is listed below

  • Burning out the fat surrounding your abdomen
  • It strengthens the entire core of your body
  • It will improve s your posture
  • It increases the flexibility of your body
  • It also tighter your stomach by making your stomach flat.


plank workout


How long should I do plank workout before seeing results?

Well most recommended by trying to achieve a result do 3 sets and for a beginner, each set should be 30 seconds per set,

Take a rest of 5 seconds after each set to gain more strength.

After 7 days of doing this plank workout, you can now increase the time use per set to 45 to 60 seconds.



Which plank workout position is the most effective?

The most effective position when you are doing plank are;

  • Forearm plank
  • Standard straight arm plank

Why? A forearm plank really helps and makes you target the abdominal more, while a standard straight arm plank usually works on the condition of your body.

This means it we shape out your total body and make it to be in good condition (fitness).


What is the average time for a plank exercise?

Well for me I will say it depends on your ability, but the average time for a plank as a beginner is 30 seconds to 60 seconds,

While the average time for a plank as a professional is 120 seconds (2 minutes), means for someone who is healthy and fit should be able to do complete 2 minutes plank.


plank workout

What is the plank position good for?

The plank position will really help you to improve your posture, which consists of

  • Your Abs
  • Shoulder
  • Strengthen your back and neck.

Plank exercise will make your lower back and your shoulder back to be in a clinical state or position when you are sitting or standing.

This is the major key to a good and perfect posture.


How to do a plank

Pick a sweet able place for you to extend your whole body length. The use of an exercise mat provides the padding needed to be comfortable on all fours (which means both your hand and leg we are the inconvenient place)

The starting position for plank are as follow below

  • Lay down on a mat with your wrists and toes facing down.
  • Make sure that your elbows are under your shoulders and your wrists going forward.
  • Your head ought to be quiet and you ought to be looking towards the ground.
  • Engage your abdominal muscles, pulling your navel into the spine.
  • Keep your chin upright in a straight line from ear to toe.
  • This is the spot of the objective backbone.
  • Let your shoulders be down and not crawling into your ears.
  • Then make sure your heel should be above the balls of your feet.
  • Stay in this position for good 30 seconds, then rest for another 5 seconds on the floor.
  • Run for 30, 45, or 60 seconds over time, mean try to increase the time you start with.

The number of sets per day: try to do 3 to 5 sets per day.






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