Jennifer Lopez turns heads at the 2020 American Music Awards in an Edgy Short Hairstyle


Jennifer Lopez turns heads at the 2020 American Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez turns heads at the 2020 American Music Awards in an Edgy Short Hairstyle.

At the 2020 American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez chose to miss her signature and opted to drop something more. See her hair beneath.

Both lovers of pop culture waited for the moment…

Officially, the 2020 US Music Awards began. Music was presented and seen on Sunday 22 November at the annual ceremony, with the highest and brightest stars. All and all it feels like celebrities’ strong marks today.


However, it will not lose its appeal this year because of the current coronavirus pandemic. You know that it will be one for the books when Taraji P. Henson is host to this creative affair.


Moreover, for the first time in four years, Justin Bieber plays at the 2020 AMAs. What else? What else? At the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Katy Perry, Megan Thy Stallion, and several others will be on hand.

But before spectators are tuned to see their favors, there’s a time when viewers can’t resist swooning: the short hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez.

J.Lo wanted to do something entirely different from her normal meeting on that particular day.

When she came with an edgy, very short red tapestry, the singer turned her head. She rocked a long bob because she scarcely grasped her hair. The star clutched the look of the wet hair and broke its smooth waves in the center.

Many of her followers have not seen her because her incredibly long locks have rocked. It’s Lewk.

The Hustlers actress dropped jaws on E to bring things into perspective just last weekend! ‘S 2020 People’s Choice Honors for an unusually lengthy waistline ponytail.

The latest ‘do’ of the makeup mogul was not the subject of the evening. Her Balmain outfit was really J.Lo fashion a full knockout.

The drama, with its long sleeves and a plunging neckline, was taken to her top. Her skirt was indeed a sight with the high slit of her thigh.

No rejection is that Jennifer at the 2020 AMAs was of a significant style. And it’s fair to claim her success with Maluma at tonight’s ceremony if her red tapestry set is an indicator.

This charismatic couple will perform their new songs “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely” in the soundtrack and will be performing with the forthcoming film Marry Me.

In just a few hours the case will air on ABC. Keep up to date with this award display. From OMG to the fashion of skin, E! You’ve covered the press.


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