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Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the condition of sexual dysfunction whereby the penis falls into or remains erect during sexual intercourse or for a period that may be adequate to fulfill sexual output. By connecting to self-image and sexual intercourse problems, erectile dysfunction could really prompt psychological harm.

Some of the other men suffering from ED don’t even go to hospitals and in general, did not seek a solution because of the feeling of embarrassment and shame and so have avoided any sexual activity which in turn affected their relationship with their partners In the long run.

Physical factors can be identified in around 80 percent of cases, which include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, neurological disorders, and drug-related health consequences.

Although 10 % of cases are psychiatric impotence related to thoughts or emotions; a situation where the man is not prepared/motivated for any sexual activity as a result of work-related issues or the second partner (female) is not attractive enough.

Erectile dysfunction is distinguished by a persistent or frequent unwillingness to maintain or maintain power and control with adequate firmness to conduct sexual intercourse for at least 3 months.


 What causes erectile dysfunction

A number of factors can cause erectile dysfunction(ED), some of which include:

  • Surgery e.g- radical prostatectomy: Surgical treatment for a variety of conditions can remove the brain abnormalities necessary for an erection, harm the nerves, or destroy the flow of blood.
    ED is a serious symptom in treatments for prostate cancer, which include prostatectomy and removal of the prostate by external beam radiation, but the prostate region alone is not required to achieve an erection.


  • Prescription drugs e.g- SSRIs, beta blocks, hormone modulators.


  • Advancement in age: This occurs mostly in the 60s than men in the 40s, as there is a reduction in the desire for sexual activity.


  • Lifestyle habits: Smoking in particular, as it promotes arterial narrowing that is narrowing of the arteries preventing blood flow.


  • General poor physical health, poor dietary habits: Not paying attention to your health and of course what you eat is a great trigger to ED.
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Natural foods that cure Erectile Dysfunction

Interestingly, nature has made provisions for all our health needs, if only we can discover and use them meticulously without synthetic drugs. Diet, especially the Mediterranean, has seen to have positive effects on metabolic syndrome, hypertension, obesity, and insulin resistance.

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Although 10 % of cases are neurological powerlessness, caused by thoughts or emotions, and by the implication also markers of increased risk of ED.

Mediterranean diets consist of high consumption of fish, Virgin Olive oil, fruits, whole grains, vegetable nuts, and fibers are commonly associated with lowered and reduced severity of ED.


Including the following in your daily diets can help a great deal in reducing and suppressing the severity of ED and some other below-the-belt disease:

  • Spinach to boost testosterone levels: It is a source of folate known as a blood-flow booster.

Folic acid plays a significant role in the male sexual component and ED has also been consistent with folic acid insufficiency.

Cooked spinach contains 66% of your daily folic acid requirements per cup, making it the most of the folate-rich foods around.

It also contains magnesium which helps to improve and stimulate blood flow and has demonstrated to improve testosterone levels.

  • A daily cup of coffee for better sex: Taking 2-3 cups of coffee a day prevents ED. All thanks to caffeine! Seen to enhance blood supply by calming penile muscles and arteries, resulting in better erections.


  • Oats for bigger orgasm: Oats may be helpful to the achievement of orgasm.Avena sativa (wild oats) is known to be an aphrodisiac; the amino acid L-arginine present in Oats is also used to treat ED. Such as Viagra, L-arginine allows the penile blood vessels to relax, which is necessary to sustain an erection and achieve orgasm.


  • Carrots and Tomatoes: carrots rich in carotenoids and tomatoes rich in lycopene both help to improve sperm count, quality, morphology, and motility.


  • Chili peppers: People who eat spicy food more-than-energy T-levels to spice up the bedroom. Capsaicin present in chili peppers stimulates the production of endogenous opioids.


  • Avocado; the libido charger: An outstanding element of fat and calories, calcium, and nutrients, strawberry is perfect for having you in the mindset. Both vitamin E and zinc, which have beneficial effects on male sexual drive and productivity.
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Watermelon, dark chocolate, oysters, greens, garlic, walnut, just to mention a few can solve below-the-belt diseases including ED preventing it from escalating.

Generally, a healthy diet supplemented with low fat can help preserve sexual function in men.

Avoid steroids, smoking, and look into what you eat.


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