balance exercise
balance exercise


First of all, you need to know and understand with balance exercise is

Balance exercise is simply means or kind of exercise that strengthens the muscles and really helps keep you upright, which includes your legs and core.

These types of exercises can really improve stability and help prevent and keep someone from falling.

Balance exercise increases the physical movements and strength in order to act skillfully, also it will allow you to move freely and steadily.

Which consist of the following below?

  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility



As you know that the general meaning of stability is “the state of being stable”.

Is the state of an object to be regular or being in an excellent place or order?

Can also be the property of a physique that causes it when disturbed from a state of affairs of equilibrium or common motion to develop forces or moments that restore the distinctive state of affairs.

Stability deals with the core strengthening of a body to prevent future back pain also prevent injury and improve body balance from falling.



Is the ability to move physically freely and easily?

By doing this exercise you will be able to move, twist around your body to where you want it to.

Also, it lets your body be in good condition without being in pain.

We really make it easier for you to perform your daily tasks when doing this exercise.




First thing is to know the meaning of Flexibility its self?

Flexibility is the quality or compromise of bending easily without breaking.

Or whether the body has the ability to bend with the joint.

Been bending easily without breaking means, when twisting your body joint from one stage to another stage and by not feeling pain or fracture of a bone in your body with easy ways.

Now all these three things we surely keep body really good position which means balance all the time when doing it daily, that is every morning minimum of 30 minutes daily.


 How Those Balance Exercises Work

Balancing exercises works on stability, mobility, and flexibility which deals with your core muscles, lower back, legs, and Lower body strength training exercises can also help improve your balance.


Balancing exercises usually challenging at times, but when put consistent effort into it, it will make these easier when doing it daily.

Gradually when increasing the time and number of doing this exercise, it becomes easier. You may seek help or assistance you especially when you’re first getting started.

These two good reasons to turn your workout into a balancing way.

  • It controls the move or staggering motion or unsteadily activates deep core muscles and helps tighten the midsection.


  • It quickly prepares athletes for a break or lunch.


Before starting this exercise, make sure you tightening up your abdominal to stay longer without holding your breath.

You’ll trigger the core muscles that surround your spine and note your total abdominal area. These also help and prevent injury when lifting or twisting the body.


Please try to consult your doctor if you have a medical condition before attempting or trying this workout or any new fitness program.


one leg balance
Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels


The first steps with this one are

  • By standing on your left leg with your arms at your side’s ways for 60 seconds, switch your leg to the right one with the same method for 60 seconds.


  • Repeat the first step again by standing on your left leg with your arms now should be straight in the air for 60 seconds, and also do it for the right leg for the same time.


  • Slant or bend forward with your left leg only stay on the ground and drive your hips back, by extending your right leg in the back of you, keeping your back straight or level.


  • And let your right hand reach the ground and try to touch the toes of your left foot for 120 seconds. Also, do it for the second leg which is the right leg for the same seconds.



For this type of exercise, there are different ways of doing it, which are a great warm-up move.

Processes of doing it are below

  • By standing with the left leg first and your arms to be stretch out wide, with your right leg out to the sideway, and balance on your left foot for 60 seconds. Now switch to the other leg with the same method and time.


  • Oscillate or Swing the right leg when the left is standing on the ground to the front and back for good 60 seconds, with your arms stretching out wide on the air, repeat it with the other leg which is the right leg for the same seconds.




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