Best 4 ways to improve your health and physical ability through Exercise

best exercise

Best 4 ways to improve your health and physical ability through Exercise

The 4 best ways are listed below:


First of all, what is EXERCISE?

Exercise simply means the physical ability or physical fitness that is planned to increase or improve health and maintain fitness. Which increase heart rate when doing it.

Some examples are listed below:

  • Aiding bone health
  • Improving mood
  • Extend life.

When overdo exercise can cause injury to the body or when attempting too much quickly;

It is good to start in the minimum stage and gradually increase it little by little so that it will not lead to injury and damage to your health and body.

best exercise


Strengthen of the muscular system is really good and makes a big difference in the body. Such as making a body to be independent on another thing, strong and make the activities feel easier and feel free when moving or doing something.

Making your muscles strong we prevent you from any kind of falling injuries. You will stand and both legs and hip we work together and be fit.

Examples of Strength exercise are below:

  • Weights lifting
  • Bodyweight for resistance
  • Using a resistance band.

best exercise


Balance in exercise really increasing strength, steady and coordination of a body when moving which allow the body to move freely also lower body strength exercise usually improve balance when doing it regularly.

Sometimes people take balance exercise not seriously or for granted until they need it and that is when facing or experience challenges.

The main balance exercise deals with the following below:

  • Lower back
  • Core muscles
  • Legs

Lower-body really help improving balance

Examples of balance exercise are:

  • Bean bag balance
  • Rocking the boat
  • Flamingo stand
  • Heel-toe walking
  • One foot standing.

best exercise


This is the type of exercise people refer to as aerobic which deals with the heart rates and increase in breathing.

Endurance exercise really improves fitness, healthy, and helps in perform some tasks we need to do daily. Circulatory system, lungs, and health of your heart as to improve on a daily basis when doing it.


Flexibility exercise deals with the movement o a body left to right, up to down without feeling any pain in the body.

Also, flexibility exercise deals with the all-round routine fitness which is very important for the body which deals with stretching of the following listed below:

Neck, Back, Glutes, Hamstring, Calves, Hips, Hip flexors, Quads, Shoulder, Triceps, Groin, Inner thighs, Oblique, Chest and Lower back.

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