5 Pulmonology EHR Software Features That Make It Absolutely Necessary



What is an EHR?

An EHR which stands for Electronic Health Records has brought new dawn into the world of medicine and it’s practice. As the name suggests, Electronic Health Records are just that; digitized patient files and other related documentation. Thus Pulmonology EHR software is software that is best for Pulmonologists. While EHR might sound like a reductive term, don’t be fooled since EHR’s do much more than just file patient information and keep a record of them. These days EHRs are incredibly advanced and can do pretty much everything needed to run a successful medicine practice. From keeping patient files to generating bills; they can do it all. So keep reading to find out what you in particular as someone looking for Pulmonology EHR Software advice should be looking for.


What Should A Pulmonology EHR Have?

There are certain things that differ in medicine and the biggest of those in the area of specialty for a doctor. Thus a Pulmonologist’s needs for their practice will be much different from that of a neurosurgeon. Similarly, the EHR system for a Pulmonologist thus has to be Pulmonology EHR Software!


1. The Templates

In EHR software there are templates premade which doctors and their staff can use to take and store patient-related information. However, since Pulmonology is a specialized field, there are certain areas beyond a general health check-up which need to be covered. In a Pulmonology EHR Software, you should ensure that you get templates specific to your specialization. You can check for this by requesting a Pulmonology EHR software demo by the vendor and seeing whether their Pulmonology related templates suit you.

2. Testing and Results

As a Pulmonologist you regularly need tests done for you to be able to diagnose your patients. These test results give you a better idea of the patient’s health and help you diagnose them better. Thus the EHR you get should have compatibility with the test results as well as be linked to labs and diagnostic centers that can directly send you the patient’s results once they are out so that there is no lag in information and everything can move along swiftly.

3. Collaboration with Other Physicians

At times you need to make referrals for your patients so they can get better care through another physician. Thus the referral portal on the EHR should be very quick and easy to access so you can do this almost immediately without delay. You can even read Pulmonology EHR Software reviews to see which one is most used by your peers.

4. ICD and CPT Codes

The ICD-10 and CPT related information should be specific to Pulmonology so you can make and clear claims much faster.

5. Physician Dashboard

As a physician, the dashboard should be easy to use and should give you a clear picture of the patient’s history and any other data such as test results when you click upon their name. The dashboard should also have ease of use and display your schedule and other important information as well. A good way to see if your peers are happy with the features of an EHR is to read Pulmonology EHR Software reviews.


EHR Softwares you need to Check Out

There are several EHRs for Pulmonology in the market. We recommend that you check several of them out before committing and make sure to request a Pulmonology EMR Software demo before making your final decision. We have a few recommendations for software below


1. AthenaHealth

AthenaHealth happens to be one of the most popular vendors for EHRs nationwide for a variety of different specialties including Pulmonology. They have cloud-based solutions for your EHR needs which basically means that the software is housed in their servers and that you can access it from anywhere in the world.

2. PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS is a huge vendor for EMRs, they have been in the business for a while as they started in the early 2000s. The company has impeccable EHR software for Pulmonology. Their reviews are always good and have been consistently for the past decade.

3. AdvancedMD

This is another great pick as they are veterans in the EHR related field and have over time perfected their software and still give regular updates according to client feedback to make their product even better. The software is compatible with various devices including smartphones, tablets, and any kind of computer.

4. Cerner

Cerner arguably has the biggest piece of the market and for good reason; its product is well-loved and widely used. Cerner’s EHR is suitable for a practice of any size; be it a small 2-3 person operation or a large hospital; they can cater to everyone’s needs.


Again, since in terms of Pulmonology EHR Software pricing, the cost can be high we advise you to take time making this decision and weighing all your options well.



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