Firstly you must first know and understand what Aerobic exercise is or what Aerobic workout is all about, which we are going to discuss here today.

Let’s go into it, I will let you know what is all about, the best type of it that you can do to make you burn fat within a short time to increase your fitness and also I we tell you all the benefits you have to gain from doing it.


What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise simply means a physical exercise or workout that starts from low energy to high energy to burn fat and fit.

“Aerobic” refers to “managing or responding well to everything and asking for oxygen independently” and the use of oxygen to meet significant energy needs during this activity.

And also is an activity that makes someone sweat when doing it, which means is not possible for someone not to sweat and makes you breathe harder.

Am going to put you through all the best eighteen different way of aerobic workout and if you follow it am giving you assurance of getting a good result out of it within good four weeks of doing it.

By doing this exercise will really help you to burn fat quickly and stay healthy.


The five best types of aerobic workout are:

    • DEAD BUG



Now it is time to put you through all the eighteen ways I have listed above one by one, ok let’s go into it step by step, and as I said, you will really enjoy it and understand how to move and take the next steps.

if you follow the steps and the procedure, you will get the positive result of which you have to burn some fat out and look fit in shape and healthy.



High knees exercise or workout which is also called high stepping workout that deals with calving, hamstrings, quads, arms, back, and gluts which combine the normal running in motion with over-stressed knee lifts. High knees can also be achieved during running in place which means moving over from one place to another.

This workout or exercise improves your running form as well as flexibility, power, and lower body speed.

Perform high knees as an aspect of your warm-up or expand the activity and add them to your exercise timetable to truly get your pulse going. There are many forms of the high knees workout you can carry out into your fitness schedule.

The real benefit of doing this exercise is to increases aerobic fitness and arranges your body for another movement’s combination, which will really help burn large calories or kilograms.

Which are listed below:

    • Steam Engine
    • Skipping
    • High Knee March
Steps to follow to do it are below:
  1. Be upright in place with your feet hip wide apart.
  2. Keeping your chest upright
  3. Bring your knees up past your hips
  4. Make sure your knees outreach over your hip
  5. Swing your arms as if you’re running to follow the movement of your knee
  6. Move your right knee in the direction of your chest and quickly return it back to the ground.

Continuously land delicately.

Note immediately coordinating your left knee toward your chest.

Carry on with the alternate knees as fast as you can.

Set up markers or count the number of reps you want to do back and forth


If you embrace this workout into your warm up start with slower direct motions to put a stop to pulling a muscle.

By doing this sort of activity for a specific timeframe or over a certain distance. You can run set up with high knees for a good 1 moment or run for around 30 feet with high knees.



What is a dead bug?

A dead bug exercise simply means an exercise that boosts core muscles and core stability muscles that support posture and required lying on a mat with your back contacting the tangle while your face looking up with your arms noticeable all around over your middle and your legs noticeable all around with your knees twisted at 90-degree edges of the hip.


Steps to follow to do it are below:
  1. Stretch out a mat on the floor.
  2. Lying down on that mat with your back while your face facing up.
  3. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees at the hip while your thighs are in a nice and straight position.
  4. Keep your fit in a vertical position.
  5. Let your head and shoulder be down relaxed and let your arms cross your chest, which you will see that the current position of your lower back is in a nice place and level with the floor.
  6. Straight your left leg to level with the floor and bring it back to a 90-degree position and repeat it with the right leg then you will see that your back we still are in the same nice position.
  7. Now bring your arms to the vertical position which means to straight up your arms by placing them in a nice position.
  8. Presently move gradually bring down your correct arm and left leg until they are simply over the floor, take them back to the beginning position.
  9. Now immediately repeat by switching to the opposite side of your left arm and right leg with the same method, which really increases the load of your stomach muscles and makes the exercise harder.
  10. Proceed with the rotating sides for the reps and do it for 30 seconds.

If you follow the steps and do it for complete two weeks (2 weeks) you will really lose weight by burning out the fat you don’t want.



What is a flutter kick?

Flutter Kick is an exercise or workout that is a sequence or round of quick leg movements up and down that particularly or especially targets the lower abdominal wall. This exercise involves lying on a mat on your back and flexing your legs up and down with your legs. You will frequently or repeatedly see this type of exercise or workout carry out in yoga and strength training sessions.

Also, this exercise improves the hamstring, lower back, leg, hip flexors, and quads, and makes all the aspect muscles worked perfect.

When doing this flutter kick exercise in the right way, you won’t sustain an injury like back pain, hamstring injury, and so on.

By doing this flutter kick on a regular basis this is the benefits you will gain out of it, which are listed below:

    • Strengthens your core
    • Cardio workout
    • Burns calories
    • Burns belly fat
    • Flexibility
    • Stronger Legs and so on.


These flutter kicks are in different types which listed below

    • Traditional flutter kick
    • Criss-cross flutter kick
    • Prone flutter kick


Steps to follow to do it are below:
  1. Layout a yoga mat on the floor. But optional means if you like to use it, but if you don’t leave it.
  2. Now Lie on your back on the yoga mat you lay on the floor whiles your face facing the ceiling.
  3. Raise or draw out your legs up to a 45-degree angle or extend it up to 5 inches above the ground level.
  4. Try to keep your arms straight and touch the ground surface while your palms facing down.
  5. While keeping your advantages to that stage, raise a leg higher while bringing down the other.
  6. Furthermore, rehash with the other leg in a similar arrangement.
  7. Try to moves your legs three times and count it as one rep.

For 1 set complete 10 reps to 15 reps, start your sets following 30 seconds of lay on your lower center and quads.

Per each set try to rest for 10 seconds before you start another set, and also it depends on the total amount of set you want to do.

The minimum set to do is 2 sets of the workout or exercise really depending on your fitness intensity. You can pick what number of sets and reps that reasonable for you when you begin doing it normally.




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Firstly you must really know the meaning and have the understanding of Glute bridge, how to do it, and the benefit of doing it.

And am here for you to tell you and show you the three things involve in it which are listed below;

    • Meaning and understand.
    • How to do it means steps to follow.
    • And the main benefit.

Now let’s go into it one by one which the first one is meaning and to have an understanding and also experience it.


What is the Glute bridge?

Glute Bridge is a kind of workout that increases core and glute, also helps to build up the hips and bump (butt).

This kind of workout is a very good exercise for any workout routine doing daily, regardless of your age or how to fit you are before attempting to do it.


Steps to follow to do it are below:
  1. Stretch out a mat on the floor.
  2. Lie on your back with your face up
  3. Twist your knees and let your feet level on the ground surface.
  4. Let your arms be at your side with your palms facing down like the way your foot is facing down.
  5. Raise your hips up from the floor to a certain level until your body brings out a straight line from your shoulders to an angle 90-degree from your knees.

This means your knees, hips, and shoulders must surely form a straight line, if not try to check the step you have made that mistake and make the correction.

Stay in that position for like 3 seconds and return back to the starting position.

Do 10-15 reps to be one set and do a minimum of two sets three times a week, after some weeks you can increase the sets to four for the same times in a week.


The benefit of the glute bridge

When talking of the benefit is what you really gain and achieve from doing it, which am here to tell the good thing of doing this type of exercise which are:

    • It will improve your core balance by making it stable.
    • It will improve your hip mobility.
    • It will strengthen your lower back.
    • Your hamstrings and glutes will be in good form.



weight loss


Firstly I will let you know what this exercise is all about and let you have more understanding of it, secondly is how to do it, while the last one is the benefit of doing it and what you have to gain or what you need to achieve out of it.


What is a jumping jack exercise?

Jumping jack exercise is an actual jumping workout that required you by jumping to a particular position while your legs were spread out or wide and your hands move above your head and then returning to the starting position where both of your feet will be together and both the arms will also be at your sides.


Jumping jacks is simply means a workout where both your arms, legs, and body have to move at the same time but in different ways, where you have to jump up and widen your leg to a certain length also required either you let you hands move up above your head or in a clapping position and return back to the starting point by starting again.

Jumping jack is an aerobic workout that engages the entire muscle in your body to be toning and burn fat, which also let your core, abdominal, and back muscles to be active without feeling pain.

There are different types of jumping jacks, which are going to be listed below.


Steps to follow to do it are below:
  1. Stand up straight with your legs together, let your arms be at your sides.
  2. Now Jump up and spread your feet wide apart while moves your arms above your head.
  3. Jump again, close your arms by moving it to your side which is the starting point and bring back your legs together by returning to your starting position.

Rehash it and do it for 60 seconds.


 The benefit of jumping jacks

There are several benefits that you will gain when doing a jumping jacks workout. By doing this kind of exercise it will easily burn up calories and boost up your health by making you stay fit.

This means every 10 minutes of doing this jumping jack workout you have to burns out about 100 calories.

It will reduce your stress and boldness of mental pain when doing this kind of this workout.

By doing jumper jack all this – biceps, triceps, calves, chest muscles, heart, hand muscles of your body we are fine and be fit that is why it makes it to be Aerobic exercise.


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