Everything You Need to Know About Vitamins: The Basics, PLUS the Top 3 Supplements to Take Every Day


Everything You Need to Know About Vitamins: The Basics, PLUS the Top 3 Supplements to Take Every Day

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamins: The Basics, PLUS the Top 3 Supplements to Take Every Day

What are Vitamins?

Our bodies are made up of mostly water, so it’s difficult for us to absorb the different nutrients that our food contains. When our bodies are deficient in certain vitamins, our symptoms will appear first; for example, you might have a loss of appetite and fatigue. This is because our body isn’t able to absorb nutrients as effectively as it should, so we need to be supplemented with vitamins in order to overcome the problem. Your immune system also relies heavily on having adequate levels of Vitamin C in order to function properly. Vitamin C is often referred to as an antioxidant, and plays a role in repairing cellular damage. There are many different types of vitamins, and each is vital for different functions in the body.

Why are Vitamins Important?

Vitamins are the building blocks of your body's healthy processes. For example, we are all different, but some of us have a problem digesting or absorbing certain foods. Some foods have more sugar than others. It is likely that if you don't take certain vitamins and supplements regularly, your body will be unable to properly use certain foods. Without vitamins, food become more difficult for you to digest and absorption becomes even more difficult. As you age, you will need more Vitamins and Minerals to avoid more complications. Without Vitamins and Minerals, we can run the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in America. For more information on the benefits of taking supplements, click HERE to read the article "Vitamins: What's All the Fuss About?" . .

The Basic Supplements

The World Health Organization (WHO) says there is evidence that taking vitamins and minerals supplement helps reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Studies also suggest they may reduce the risk of depression and obesity. And for pregnant women, supplements are recommended for lowering the risk of preterm birth. Aside from vitamins and minerals, you can also find probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids. The results of some research are mixed, however. They may take the form of capsules, pills or even a liquid you add to your food. Because most of the studies have been done with small groups of people, the evidence is not as solid as it could be. People who take supplements need to be cautious about the other ingredients, especially those that are not an essential nutrient.

Top 3 Supplements to Take Every Day

1. Proven to enhance absorption of nutrients. So when nutrients are supposed to be absorbed, they get absorbed. Too many B vitamins and vitamins A and D cause the process to slow down. Some people adjust their diets and take this supplement, or simply take more vitamin supplements.

2. For deficiency diseases. For instance, if someone is deficient in vitamin D, you can take supplemental vitamin D to correct this. It's easy to see how you might take a multivitamin and you don't think of it. But there are others you may want to consider including in your diet.

3. To maintain or improve health. For example, if you've noticed that your white blood cell count has gone down, this can be a sign that you need more vitamin C in your diet.


This is only the beginning. The guide above is a simple overview of the basics of nutrition, and is only intended to be the point of departure for further study. Look at your routine and your nutritional needs and ask yourself, "Am I eating a sufficient amount of every nutrient every day?" If the answer is "no," then take action. Do you feel like there are still questions you'd like answered? Have I missed something? If so, what's your question? Now, go forth and make smart nutritional choices. SOURCES Addendum: I decided not to link to pages that contained a lot of ads. This article took quite a while to write, and there's a lot of work that goes into managing several websites, too. If you'd like to learn more, you can visit the pages and websites of MyTrials.

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