There are 5 keys to a longer life, Healthy lifestyle

There are 5 keys to a longer life, Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle and long life

The Harvard T.Chan School of Public Health, Science, and Scientists used data from leading NHS and health professionals to amplify the impact of future health conditions. -up Survey (HPFS) this means they have a lot of long-term personal data. The NHS Council includes more than 78,000 women, 1980-2014. That’s for more than 120,000 members, 34 for women and 28 for men. Specialists in the NHS diet and HPFS diet, exercise, weight gain, and smoking. Alcohol consumption is compiled from a list of frequently accepted options.
What is the essence of a healthy lifestyle?
These five regions were selected based on the facts presented in previous studies that impact the risk of sudden death. The characteristics and methods of evaluating the strength criteria are as follows.

  1. A healthy diet that determines and evaluates the overall acceptance of valuable foods such as vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, fats, omega 3 fats, and lean meats, fats, fats, and sodium.
  2. Healthy exercise is estimated at 30 minutes a day with moderate to dramatic habits each day.
  3. Bodyweight is a measure of body weight (BMI) in the range of -18.5 to 24.
  4. Smoking is not a complete measure of smoking, it takes everything into account. The “M” here means you always quit smoking.
  5. The average intake is estimated at 5 to 15 grams per day for women and 5 to 30 grams per day for men. In most cases, one drink contains 14 grams of pure drink. Oun punji in example 12, beer 5 or 1. The five-dimensional cognitive image also provides information on age, identity, and substance use, as well as a combination of key online data for neurological disorder studies in the Public Health Review and the Centers for Disease Controller and Avoidance. I see it.

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