How To Include Fitness Into Your Everyday lifestyle

How To Include Fitness Into Your Everyday lifestyle

It is important to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be difficult to find the time. Baylor College of Drugs expert shares his tips on how to incorporate fitness into your life.

"I always tell my patients that any time you grow up and make changes is the best time. Dr. Irvin Sulapas is Assistant professor of family medicine and community medicine at Baylor, and first-care medicine physician. "The American College of medicine recommends that you exercise at least 150 minutes per week. However, you can go as far as you like. Half-hour five times per week or one hour three times per week is fine.

Sulapas shared the following tips to help you incorporate fitness into your life:

1. Instead of using the elevator, use the steps.
2. You can park further away to make it easier for you to walk a few more steps.
3. If possible, take a walk or bicycle to get to work.
4. Take a short walk around the block during your lunch break to get in some exercise.
5. You don't need to carry a huge thermos or bottle of wine. Instead, you can keep your drink in a small mug or glass.
6. Exercise at your desk. You can also do leg lifts or knee lifts. To get your legs pumping, you can also do squats.
7. It's possible to make a difference by simply getting up from your chair and walking around the office for a few minutes every hour.
8. Use a sit/stand desk if you can. This will allow you to be a bit more active at work.
9. Healthy eating habits are important. Sulapas suggests eating small, frequent meals, as well as healthy snacks such yogurt, fruits, and peanuts. These snacks can help curb hunger and aid in weight loss.
10. Keep hydrated when you exercise. Exercise is a high-energy activity that can cause fatigue and injuries.

Sulapas stated that exercising at the recommended level is crucial for maintaining good health.

Exercise conserves your level so that you can burn more calories. You can also lower your risk of developing metabolic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise can be a great way to prevent these issues and keep your body in good health," Sulapas stated. "Also, anticipation. If you have had these conditions in the past, studies show that working out can help you to increase your energy, diabetes, and cholesterol levels, which will lead to a healthier body. If you exercise regularly, you can reduce the dose of medications or even stop taking them altogether.

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